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Karaoke Sound Tools 1.0

Karaoke Sound Tool can remove vocals, change tempo and bass of an audio file
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Karaoke Sound Tools is a very compact tool that can be used for vocal removing, adjusting treble, bass boost, adjusting balance and changing the tempo rate of an audio file. Karaoke Sound Tool supports MP3, WAV and BIN file formats. Time line enable the user to modify particular or desired part of the audio file. Loop start and Loop end can be used to position the start and end points for the selection. You can play any selection or the complete file in a loop. Play result and Play original buttons help the user to verify changes made to the result file.

Key Features:
- Remove vocals from an audio file to get a karaoke file (music tracks). Adjust the vocal removing level easily.
- Change treble boost, bass boost, and tempo rate of the audio.
- MP3 encoder for bit rate adjustment, channel selection and quality options.
- Adjust balance and attenuation using the slide bar.
- Reset option to restore default settings.

In short, Karaoke Sound Tool enables the user to create karaoke music from ordinary MP3, WAV music and make changes like, setting treble a nd tempo rate.

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  • Vocal removing tool
  • Mp3 encoder and channel selection


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